Influencer marketing: The 3 pragmatic facts you have to know

Tom Augenthaler, an expert on influence marketing, has worked as a consultant for big brands such as HP, Intel, Adobe, and Time.

At a glance, his affiliation with those elephants helps paints a clear picture to business owners—influence marketing is highly effective.

Tom Augenthaler

It might also help that…

  • A whopping 80% of marketers found influencer marketing to work wonders in their campaigns.
  • According to Nielsen Catalina Solutions and TapInfluence and WhiteWave Foods, harnessing influencers delivered an ROI 11 times than what was expected.

However, one question remains in many entrepreneurs’ minds:

“Will our brand experience the same success by connecting to influencers?”

Now, the best way to answer that is by asking an expert on the craft itself—Tom Augenthaler. Nevertheless, if you want to consult someone like Tom, you have to do more than just scratching the surface.

In this article, we listed down the three most pragmatic facts about influence marketing.

3 fast truths about influence marketing

1. Teenagers today trust influencers, such as Vloggers, more than they trust celebrities.

In the past, brands have leaned on tinsel town for endorsements. Today, brands are now relying on influencers for cultivating trust with their audience, especially if they’re teenagers.

This trust stems from relevance—according to Think with Google, 4 in 1 teens can relate to influencers more than they can relate to their friends. It’s no wonder trust is easily established between them!

Regardless, it’s always good to consult an influence marketing consultant, first. This way, you can find more ideas on how to establish trust.

2. Almost a half of consumers these days rely on influencers’ recommendations.

Because influencers effortlessly establish trust, fans hold their product recommendations in high regard.

In fact, 40% of consumers bought a product after they saw it on an influencer’s Instagram or Facebook page.

This is why brands invest in associating themselves with influencers. If an influencer suggests a product—or even mentions its cool features—it’s very likely that their fans would feel the same.

Now, if you want to know how to leverage influencers’ reviews, you can get some good insights here.

3. People still love ad-blocking technology.

And here’s the most important fact: people have never been vocal about hating ads more than today.

In fact, in the US, people have a combined 55% usage of ad-blocking technology—both on their phones and laptops!

This is where influencers come in—with irresistible and reliable content, audiences wouldn’t even think of blocking their video.

Endorsing your brand through influencers will be seamless, natural, and most importantly, it has consent from the user.

In a nutshell

The influencer movement has put back the power in people when it comes to their buying decision. This is because at its core, influencers cultivate the most fundamental aspect in marketing—authenticity.

Is it time for you to hire an influence marketing consultant?

If you need a more valuable input about influence marketing, don’t wait any longer.

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