Rehab in Thailand: a great way to treat addiction

The holistic method of alcohol and drug rehabilitation educates patients how to look after their mind, body and spirit harmoniously, with all parts working in sync. On the whole, holistic drug rehab is fundamentally different than traditional methods (like talk-based psychotherapy or through the use of weaning drugs like methadone).

In Thailand, holistic healing therapy is tailored to the individual – not the other way around. Consider a person with a fragile mind but strong body: the mind will need to be worked on, and brought up to the level of the healthy parts. By focusing on the weak areas, patients gain the strength to focus on bettering themselves as they weaken the grip of their drug addiction. This is how holistic healing endeavours to bring patients into a state of healthy balance.

Advantages of Holistic Drug Treatment in Thailand

There’s no requirement for joining a holistic therapy program besides having an addiction – and a readiness to attain sobriety. Once a patient enrols in a program, they will be interviewed extensively and walked through different program options. Introverts may wish to work on breaking out of their shell. Long-time addicts may be stuck in the past, overwhelmed by guilt or shame. Some patients may be in great shape, while others may be severely overweight or underweight.

How the rehab unfolds in entirely up the the composition of the patient and the analysis by the centre’s staff. These days, many holistic rehabilitation programs retain the services of yoga and meditation instructors. However, it depends on how the patients respond whether such techniques will become a core part of their rehab.

What to look for when choosing a Thailand drug rehab program

Outside of evaluating what kinds of packages a treatment center offers, it is also imperative that you think about some practical elements. First, consider the specific location of the facility. Doing drug treatment miles away from home could possibly be great for rehabilitation, but in addition there are distance and travel expenses to think about. For those who have a strong support network at home, a nearby treatment center may well be a better option.

Furthermore, make sure to find out the EXACT cost of the therapy. Quite a few holistic courses in Thailand are very pricey (since they are usually in awesome locations with top-class facilities). Fortunately, some Thailand clinics accept medical health insurance, while some might even help prospective patients to set up a payment schedule that their budget can support.

Finally, it’s also very important to learn about the staff at the drug rehab clinic you are considering. Are they credentialed? Do they have proven experience working with substance abuse disorders? Also, what is the staff to patient ratio? Finding out the answers to these questions will surely prevent any surprises that may affect your ability to rebound from your addiction.

Premium drug addiction rehab in northern Thailand

The Next Step Chiang Mai is one of the top holistic rehab centres in Asia, and a great choice for addicts seeking a means of treatment overseas. The Next Step offers a holistic treatment that is combined with a variety of health-related treatments. At the centre of the clinic is a community called “The Village”. Residents of The Village all play a part in making a “Living Community Project” in which patients, staff and locals work together to create a holistic centre for spiritual and wellness activities.

If holistic healing in an exotic part of the world sounds good, consider the Next Step Chiang Mai: an academy for learning and a playground for the imagination that will help patients break free from their drug addictions while learning the skills to live rich and rewarding lives.