The Therapist’s Patience

Patience is one of the many components of the analytic attitude. It is generally regarded as an invaluable attribute for a therapist to possess, yet it is usually treated as if it goes without saying. Regarding its inverse, it is hard to imagine a therapist characterized by impatience as very helpful with most clients. In this paper, the use of patience by the therapist is explored, especially in relation to certain issues of technique. As well, some developmental aspects regarding the acquisition of patience will also be considered. Clinical vignettes will illustrate the concepts.

David Klein, Ph.D. is the President of MPC after serving as MPC Treasurer for 5 years. Dr. Klein is the Editor of the Michigan Psychoanalytic Council Bulletin and is currently the instructor for MPC’s Continuous Case Conference. He practices psychotherapy and psychoanalysis in Ann Arbor, working with children, adolescents and adults